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SKOOT is one of the best transport company with an innovate idea which is suitable in Bangladesh. SKOOT helps people to avoid the rush of traffic and crowd of public transport. Riders can hire bikes from one station to destination station by SKOOT LTD. This system is quicker and cheaper alternative of mass transport.


SKOOT ltd is a Bangladeshi company, directed by Sihab Khan and Parth Roy. This company has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Walton Digi-Tech Industries Ltd. to produce e-bikes in Bangladesh. The main sector of this company is in Khulna. The main office is in Kazi Villa, Islampur Road (Dolkhola), Khulna – 9100. Recently they have opened their new branch in Sylhet. Other than that, SKOOT also has started providing new services to Rajshahi residents with a plan to gradually increase more service stations.


Dhaka which is the capital of Bangladesh is one of the busiest cities in the world. So finding transport easily isn’t a piece of cake; also public transports are never enough here. So, it’s very tough to find any transport easily. SKOOT is trying to solve this problem. Now finding transport is getting easier. Riders can easily hire E-BIKE to avoid the rush of traffic . By SKOOT, riders can also get rid of the crowd of public transport.


Riders will deposit a nominal amount at the starting station. When riders will reach the destination station booth agent will end the trip and rider can withdraw the balance amount from that station. People can rent these E-BIKES for BDT 2 per minute. Riders can use as long as they need. Users need to register for this service first, for that they need to pay BDT20.


Overall, this is very easy way to get transport. Besides, the cost of renting bikes is so reasonable. However in the capital of Bangladesh, transport is a concern in this city. But it’s very tough to find any transport easily. SKOOT can solve this problem. Then finding transport will become easier in Dhaka city. But others E-Transport sectors are also getting available in Dhaka. So, SKOOT may face competitors in near future in placing their feet in the market. Also Dhaka is one of the most populated cities in the world as well, so it’s very tough to find a suitable place to produce electronic bikes. At the end, it’s a new Bangladeshi company with a problem solving initiative; works in creative sector, also their business idea and marketing sector is quite interesting. Maybe in future it could be one of the largest companies in Bangladesh.